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Home » NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner Review – Does it Burn Fat?

NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner Review – Does it Burn Fat?

NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner Review

NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner At a Glance

Censor Body Toner from NDS Nutrition is a supplement that is claimed to help eliminate body fat, primarily in areas around the stomach, thighs, and hips. It is an incomplete product – lacks too many essential nutrients to be considered a comprehensive fat burner (green tea extract, glucomannan, cayenne pepper, chromium, etc.).

The biggest issue with Censor Body Toner’s formula is the addition of a proprietary blend, leaving its users with no clue about the efficacy and safety of each individual ingredient in the formula. There are some pointless ingredients included inside such as CLA which hasn’t been shown to promote substantial fat loss results in humans.

Because of all this, we don’t think you’ll notice any major results with Censor Body Toner, and it is definitely not the optimal solution for anyone that has serious fitness goals.

About NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner

Censor Body Toner from NDS Nutrition is a dietary supplement focused on supporting healthy weight loss and fat loss. According to the manufacturer, the way it works is by targeting areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs to help you break down fat.

Some other claimed benefits of taking Censor Body Toner include:

  • Healthy teeth, skin, nails, and hair
  • Increased fat metabolism rate
  • Faster fat cells breakdown
  • Healthy joint support due to fish oil

To determine if these claims are actually true and whether Censor Body Toner is worth trying or not, we’re about to investigate its ingredient formula in more detail. Let’s start!

How to Use NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner

Take up to two Censor Body Toner soft gels daily for best results, according to the manufacturer.


NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner Ingredients

Each serving of Censor Body Toner (2 soft gels) provides you with the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin E – 6.7mg
  • CLA Omega 3-6-9 Blend (a proprietary blend) – 2000mg – consisting of: Safflower Oil, CLA, Omega Krill Blend (Fish Oil, EPA, DHA, Krill Oil), Flaxseed Oil, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, GLA, and Borage Oil

If you’ve seen some of our previous product reviews, you know that some of the best ingredients for cutting down fat substantially include Green Tea Extract, Vitamin D, L-Theanine, Cayenne Pepper, Chromium, and Glucomannan.

Neither of these ingredients is included in Censor Body Toner, which is a big minus at the start. Another huge issue with the formula is the addition of a proprietary blend. As seen on the label, we are able to see the whole dosage of that blend, but you can’t see the exact dosage of each individual ingredient in that same blend.

This is a major problem because it leaves potential customers with no clue about the efficacy and safety of particular ingredients in the formula. The potent nutrients could be as low as 1 milligram per serving.

We don’t see the point of putting CLA in the formula. It has been shown to have a very low impact on weight loss when it comes to humans.

Because of all the issues we mentioned, we suggest looking for a different product if you have serious fitness goals. Censor Body Toner is not a comprehensive fat burner supplement. There are better fat burners out there that use quality formulas with scientifically backed nutrients in proper dosages.

Customer Reviews

Fat Burner Wiki - Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Censor Body Toner surprisingly has mostly positive customer reviews on Amazon. Let’s see what some of the customers said about the product.

I didn’t think this did anything for me– Kah

I do like this product because it doesn’t have stimulants, which I refuse to take anything that makes me feel out of my element. I do feel my portions have decreased due to feeling full quicker. Of course, results/effects can vary from person to person.– Stormdyal

No change in weight loss. Made me feel bloated…. Do not recommend….– Jennifer

NDS Censor Body Toner Side Effects

As we previously stated, Censor Body Toner uses a proprietary blend, and due to that, the exact safety and efficacy of the product are unknown. It could potentially cause some side effects, especially if used in higher daily doses.

Price, Quality, and Value for Money

NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner is currently unavailable on Amazon or Walmart, however, it is available on and Fit Life Brands website for the price of $49.99 for a 45-day supply.

Pros and Cons of NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner


  • Contains fish oil which is good for the joints
  • Comes with Vitamin E which helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin, and the overall immune system


  • Lacks core ingredients for fat loss
  • Won’t promote any noticeable effects when it comes to dropping pounds
  • Contains many pointless ingredients that don’t work for cutting fat
  • Unknown safety due to a proprietary blend

Conclusion to NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner Review

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend NDS Nutrition Censor Body Toner for anyone that wants to get rid of body fat. It lacks core ingredients and uses many pointless nutrients included inside a proprietary blend.

Because of that, Censor Body Toner won’t provide any noticeable results when it comes to fat loss.